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Segment Polarity

Sonic Hedgehog


Sonic hedgehog (Shh) regulates Anterior-Posterior limb patterning and is required for distal outgrowth. Proper chick's limb growth and patterning requires signals from the zone of polarizing activity (ZPA) and from the apical ectodermal ridge. The molecule responsible for the morphogenetic properties of the ZPA is Sonic hedgehog (Echelard et al., 1993 ; Krauss et al., 1993 ; Riddle et al., 1993 ; Roelink et al., 1994 ). Shh's expression colocalizes with ZPA activity in the chick limb bud, and its expression can be induced by application of retinoic acid, an agent known to induce polarizing activity (Riddle et al., 1993 ). Sonic hedgehog and Fgf-4, respectively, have recently been identified as candidates for these signals. Laufer et all [1994] have dissected the roles of these secreted proteins in early limb development. The results indicate that Sonic hedgehog initiates expression of secondary signaling molecules, including Bmp-2 in the mesoderm and Fgf-4 in the ectoderm.

[Laufer E; Nelson CE; Johnson RL; Morgan BA; Tabin C Cell 79: 993-1003 (1994)]

Expression Patterns:

shh and Alx-4 in Vertebrate Limb

Bmp-2, Shh, Hoxd-13 & Fgf-4 in chick wing

Limb bud Patterning

Regulatory Regions: no data

Limb-network Map

Regulatory Connections


1. gbu:HSU59748 [U59748] Human desert hedgehog (hDHH) mRNA, partial cds.

2. gbu:GGU58511 [U58511] Gallus gallus indian hedgehog protein mRNA, complete cds.

3. gb:DMHDGHOGD [Z11840] D.melanogaster hedgehog gene DNA.

4. gb:DROHHA [L02793] Drosophila melanogaster hedgehog protein (hh) gene, complete cds.

5. gb:DROHHB [L05404] Drosophila melanogaster hedgehog protein (hh) mRNA, complete cds.

6. gb:DROHHC [L05405] Drosophila melanogaster hedgehog protein (hh) gene, exon 1.

7. gb:S66384 [S66384] hh=segment polarity gene hedgehog [Drosophila, Oregon-R, mRNA, 2305 nt].

8. gb:HUMIHH [L38517] Homo sapiens indian hedgehog protein (IHH) mRNA, 5' end.

9. gb:HUMSHH [L38518] Homo sapiens sonic hedgehog protein (SHH) mRNA, complete cds.

10. gb:BRSONHP [Z35669] B.rerio shh mRNA for sonic hedgehog protein.

11. gb:DRU30710 [U30710] Danio rerio tiggy-winkle hedgehog (twhh), complete cds.

12. gb:DRU30711 [U30711] Danio rerio sonic hedgehog (shh), complete cds.

13. gb:XELVHH1A [L35248] Xenopus laevis (clone fhh-4) hedgehog protein (vhh-1) mRNA, complete cds.

14. gb:XELXSH [L39213] Xenopus laevis morphogen (sonic hedgehog) mRNA, complete cds.

15. gb:XLU26314 [U26314] Xenopus laevis sonic hedgehog mRNA, complete cds.

16. gb:XLU26349 [U26349] Xenopus laevis cephalic hedgehog protein mRNA, complete cds.

17. gb:XLU26350 [U26350] Xenopus laevis hedgehog protein 4 (hh4) mRNA, complete cds.

18. gb:XLU26404 [U26404] Xenopus laevis banded hedgehog protein mRNA, complete cds. 



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