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Head - Dr.Sci. Vladimir F. Levchenko

E-mail: phone/fax: +7 812 5523219; fax: +7 812 5523012

Picture by Scherer E Ouporov, Survival of the Fittest, The Sciences 1996

The laboratory of modeling of evolution was founded in 1992 by Prof. Vladimir V. Menshutkin. The main directions of its research are computer modeling and mathematical processing of biological data. A great attention is paid to the computer modeling of evolution (Prof. Vladimir Mensutkin, Dr.Sci. Vladimir Levchenko), ontogenesis, genetic nets and algorithms (Dr. Alexander Spirov), investigation of the biosphere (Gaia) processes (Dr.Sci. Vladimir Levchenko, Dr. Alexander Kazansky), artificial life modeling and genetic algorithms (INTAS project 97-30950: Dr. Alexandr Spirov, Dr. Alexander Kazansky, head Dr.Sci. Vladimir Levchenko at the collaboration with Germany team and Spain team), biosemiotics (at the collaboration with Dr.Sci. Sergey Chebanov), astrobiology (Dr.Sci. Vladimir Levchenko at the collaboration with Astrobiology Center, Physical Technical Institute, St.Petersburg) processes of nerve impulse propagation, statistic analysis and classifications (researcher Olga Vorobieva at the collaboration with Virginia University, USA: Dr. Marya Bykhovskaja and Rostok University, Germany as well as young researcher Elena Vorobieva), ecological processes, biodiversity (young researcher Dmitry Slavinsky, Dr.Sci. Vladimir Levchenko), animals communication (young researcher Nadezhda Vasilieva) as well as the formation of an ecological database (Zinaida Grishman,  Natalya Holodovskaya, Dmitry Slavinsky, Olga Snetkova). Some of above dirrections are represented in our scientific site BioSpace which is being developed by us.

Prof. Menshutkin developed a concept of the rational nature use for region; this concept uses the ideas of sustainable development.

Another major objective of the laboratory is in the spread of environmental information over the internet: see links in our public site Ecology in St.Petersburg. The electronic ecological net magazine EcoNews is published by two members of the laboratory Dr. Vladimir Levchenko and Angelina Kiselyova. The Russian ecological server for ecologists and journalists "Ecological North West Line" or ENWL is moderated at the laboratory by Dr. Vladimir Levchenko. The Web-master of ENWL is Nataiya Rybalka, an ecologist and geographer. The activities of ENWL are connected with the BEIDS and the BALLERINA projects for the Baltic countries and within a framework of collaboration with TEIA and Norway Naturvernforbundet. Another our public activity concerns the online publication of articles and books on ecological ethics (together Ecological Cultural Center, Kiev) and educational matherials on global ecological problems

Also,  young researchers Yekatherina Savostianova,  Dmitry Slavinsky and Nadezhda Vasilieva maintain Ecological Information Reference System of Baltic region sites. One direction of this activity was the participation in an International program for creation of the taxonomy databases; it is ETI (Expert Center for Taxonomy Identification), under the support of UNESCO at the University of Amsterdam.

The laboratory is engaged with technical support of some initiatives in the field of environment. For example,  the first version of site for St.Petersburg ecological radiostation "Open City" was placed in our server (system programmer Vladimir Fomin who is engaged also with the laboratory local net and html-servers).

The laboratory has put forward some theoretical results in the field of evolutionary biology: a physico-ecological concept of evolution of the biosphere (developed by Dr. Levchenko), which discusses astrophysical and geological factors that lead to a gradual increase of the energy flow through the biosphere.  Last years both conception of ultra-speed evolution of modern biosphere and conception of so called Life Demon were proposed. Some papers is published on-line in articles of Vladimir Levchenko and monographs of Alexander Spirov. See also the list of the articles of the laboratory and old projects.

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